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SR School Mclean Hall Meal Program

Students wanting to participate on the meal plan will receive their lunch in McLean Hall during their scheduled lunch period and all required Covid-safety protocols will be in place. 

The Red Seal Chefs in our onsite kitchens have curated a dining experiences for SGS using fresh local ingredients whenever possible. Fresh cut vegetables, never-frozen meats, cage free eggs, sustainable seafood & meats are just some of the items used for this canteen style service. Students can swipe their ID card which will give them access to the meal program.

Students that are NOT on the meal program also have access to having a meal if they forgot their lunch or if they are interested in the daily menu.  This menu is posted on the school website so students can check to see what is coming up. They can simply swipe their ID card and it will charge them for an “Occasional Meal” at the cost of $10.25.

All students must have their ID card at every lunch period in order to access the meal program.  If they have lost their ID card, they must contact the IT department to re-issue another one.

Lunch will be served in Mclean Hall this year.  All students will come in with their grade groups to sit at their designated seats.  There will be two service lines in Mclean Hall this year where boys will enter for their lunch going down the MIDDLE of the hall, pick up their pre-plated soup or salad feature of the day first, fruit from the fruit baskets, their entrée of the day with associated condiments, their dessert and finally ending with picking up their freshly made featured infused water of the day, milk, or ice water. 

For any dietary restrictions or special diets, we will have a dedicated station on the North side (closest to kitchen) of the fireplace.

Lunch times will be as follows:

NOTE These times are tentative. Please confirm with your head of grade in September.

Mclean Hall











11 and 12


11 and 12


Staff/ Faculty