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Dining Room Meal Program

The Red Seal Chefs in our kitchens have curated unique dining experiences just for our students using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. Everything is prepared on site using only the best ingredients. Fresh cut vegetables, never-frozen meats, cage free eggs, sustainable seafood and meats are just some of the items used for this community dining room experience. 

Boxed Lunch

This option is the same menu as the dining room program, however it is just packed to go! Each box is fully compostable or bio-degradable with the exception of the recyclable low sugar tetra pak beverage. Each box comes with compostable cutlery, napkin, entree of the day, low sugar beverage, dessert/fruit of the day, weekly joke or food fact.
2021 -2022 Junior School Program

Due to limitations on size, we will have limited capacity in the dining hall.  Boys in primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3) will eat their lunches in their homerooms, with box lunches delivered to them.  Boys in intermediate grades (Grades 4 to 7) will eat hot lunch in the dining hall or have the option to be on the boxed lunch program.  All hot lunches will be pre-plated for students to grab-and-go.  Students will sit together by grade level, and for now, will not eat with students of other grades.

The Boxed Lunch Program will continue to be served as well.  Students who are interested in being on the Dining Room Lunch Program should already be registered through the enrollment process.  

If you have not signed up for hot lunch, registration is still open to enroll. Orders will be accepted untilSeptember 30, 2021.