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Ensuring that our young people have access to the best food possible is essential. A nutritious diet promotes good health and well-being, both during childhood and into adulthood. However, simply making high quality food available to young people does not ensure that it will be consumed. By providing young people with easy to understand messages about the influence of dietary choices on personal health, well-being, academic attainment and sports performance during the school day, we can help them make choices in the present that will also have consequences for their futures.


Supporting students with food that powers performance

As a valued and trusted service provider, our mission is to improve the quality of life of all those we serve. We’ve combined the latest scientific research in food nutrition and the sociology of food to reset ‘how food is done’ at school.

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The Four Pillars of Powering Performance

4 Pillars

SGS Power Lunch Event

Check out our Photos here of our Powering Lunch Event!

A special thanks to our team of Parents and Teachers for supporting this event!

Chef Jay and Melissa pulled out all the stops with their collaboration with the parent association to roll out the Powering Performance program in conjunction with the upcoming SGS Spirit Run. This power Fiesta-themed lunch was packed with nutrients, vitamins and Future 50 ingredients that hit every one of the 4 pillars. Whether you are eating to STRENGTHEN (for athletics), FOCUS (for mental strength), RECOVER (from a hard exam or physical competition/workout) or just to SUSTAIN the day, you were covered. The room was filled with electricity and excitement from the Power Smoothie Sample, Protein Balls, Healthy Tips and Tricks, information stands, and Parent Volunteers to support this initiative!
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